Welcome to my third full length photo series!

On May 1st, 2015

I was fortunate enough to marry an incredible woman with a great love for traveling.

She also possesses the innate ability to keep me from killing myself in the process of trying to create a photograph.

Leading up to our wedding day many folks asked us what we had planned for our Honeymoon.

Many people elect a cruise or stay at a fancy hotel for their first days together as newly weds. Francelys and I had something quite a bit different in mind.

A road trip across the rugged Utah landscape.

The majority of our nights will be spent back country camping

with absolutely no amenities, not even running water.

We are going on an adventure!

A Spiritual Experience in the best way I can describe Utah

This land has called to me ever since my first visit when I was 18.

The vast emptiness with it's melting colors of red sand and sage brush will

subdue the most preoccupied mind. The shapes of the canyons and arches

make apparent the innate artistic qualities of the Universe.

Many have traveled these lands. Paintings from thousands of years ago still stain Utah's sand stone cliffs.

If you see a photograph you love and want to obtain a print send me an email. If you share the photo on your page you will receive %10 off your order. 

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