Welcome to my first full length photo series!

This gallery chronicles a week long journey in the Dominican Republic. I encourage you to view the photographs in order as they are chronologically presented.

Captions are provided with many of the images to help share a greater part of the story. If you are interested in obtaining a print send me an email.

If you share the photo on your page you will receive %10 off your order.


It's July 2014. My fiance Francelys and I are traveling to the Dominican Republic to attend her brother Francisco's wedding, who is set to marry his high school sweet heart Jess.

This trip is also an opportunity for us to visit family members and explore parts of the island. Much of our time will be spent in the town of Bonao in central DR and its adjacent regions.

We will also travel to Salinas, the home of Francelys' mother and grandmother. Our final destination is Dreams Resort in Punta Cana where the wedding is to take place.

Thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoy!

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