Places - J.Pecora Photography
  • Father Mountain

    Where is this trail? It must be around here somewhere. Walking up and down the roads of East Glacier Park, I am searching. "Behind the lodge there is a trail that goes into the mountains" these were the instructions. As I reach the dead end of a snow covered road I find an orange trail marker. Yes this must be it. I strap on my snow shoes and follow the call of father mountain.

  • Winter Daze

    Winter days is East Glacier Park, Montana are cold but the sun reminds us that spring always returns.

  • As the Sun Sets the Wolf Rises

    The winter sun falls after a short stay in the Northern Montana skiy, In East Glacier Rising Wolf Mountain gathers the Sun's last rays of light.

  • Spirits

    Wind blows across the frozen plains as the mountains of East Glacier rise up like a fortress of the spirit realm.

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