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     The best thing about being an artist is having the opportunity to work & collaborate with so many great people to convey through imagery the things they are most passionate about. This is truly what drives me. There is such exhilaration that comes from using photography to manifest the ineffable qualities of people and places into something tangible. My goal as a photographer is to convey through imagery all of the beauty that exists in the world and it's people.      

     In all that I do, I seek to live a life with meaning and to take actions that bring more love and understanding into the world. Traveling and exploring nature in my own back yard provides me with some of my greatest insights. When I am seeking inspiration you will find me outside, feet in the earth, exploring this beautiful world. In music, film & imagery, my favorite works are those that investigate the human experience & the nature of our reality.      

      With over 11 years of professional experience shooting weddings, commercial and portrait photography I have found that good planning is a huge part of the creative process. It is important to me that I make the time to get to know my clients. If you have something you are passionate about and you want to talk to a photographer who puts his heart into his work, contact me.


      A few of my most valued experiences working as a photographer have been; 

• Shooting conservation photography for the Blackfeet Tribe's Agriculture & Resource Management Program.

• Having my work purchased for permanent display by Penn State University.

• Being awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year in my home town by the Hazleton Chamber of Commerce.

• Creating portrait photography for my good friend and mentor  Ibiyinka Alao, .U.N. Ambassador of the Arts for Nigeria.

• Shooting commercial photography for dancers, musicians, and other artists who are sharing their passion for art with the world.

• Photographing weddings for many incredible couples whose devotion for one another is an inspiration.

• Creating the Photo Positive Project and performing it across the U.S. & for a short time in Spain. I plan to bring my project to many more places in the future.

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